GF 07 Platoon

All members of the 07th Platoon. From left to right: Lyle, James, (Samus), Anthony, KG, Maurice and Adam.

The Galactic Federation The 7th Generation Members Of 2010/2011, Are All In New Highly-Trained Armored Tech Suits. Apart Returning From Getting Back Anthony From Talon IV, Samus Meets New Friends And Former Enemies For Her Entire Journeys To Come. But, She Isn't Alone. She's Got The Entire Platoon Imperial Nexus On Her Side To Back Her Up. Even New Allies Like: Lyle, James, Maurice And Adam Himself. Little Known If Samus Is On Their Side Or NOT, She Was With DigitalPh33rson All The Time In The Adventures Series.

After Going Out Of Town, Samus Felt So Alone, And She Wasn't Alone For Long, That's Why The 7th Generation Imperial Nexus Platoon Was There To Re-Unite With Her. She Felt Happier As Being With DigitalPh33rson Himself.

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