The Galactic Federation Is A Growing Group That Appeared In The Galactic Rebel Re-Union Arc In The DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Machinima. Before Their Attack, They Planned Stuff With The Serpant Kid Leader, Binyah Proving Their Approval If It Was Ok. The Galactic Federation Set-Up A Entire Lab In A Later Special That Would Be The Rise Of Dark Samus. The Galactic Federation Soldiers Are Also Skilled Scientists, Despite Their Scientist Voices From Valve's Half-Life 1 Video Game. It Was Also Rumored That Some Colored Soldiers Appeared As Well. Brian Sanderson, Brett Sanderson, PrivateMugen, Ryan Miller, And Jeffrey Richtofen Are Colored Soldiers.

The Galactic Federation Also Fought Of Notorious Forces Like: Space Pirates, Glitches, Community Central Engineers, And Many Others. The Galactic Had A New Recruit Named Samus Aran But She Went Off With DigitalPh33rson To The Live Adventures And Venture Through Socialization And Friendship That Will Affect Their Bonds Someday.

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