Gewehr G11 sk

The Heckler and Koch Assault Rifle G11,It Was Used In Call Of Duty: Black Ops,The Scope Looks Nice,And It's Designed To Have And Fire Caseless Ammunition.

The G11 Assault Rifle Is Used In The Brand Hit Game: Call Of Duty Black Ops, Despite It's Release, This Weapon Has Officialy Made It's Debut Into The Game Itself. This Weapon Is A Very Good Killer And Was Made By Heckler And Koch And Is Known As "The Streetsweeper". With A Couple Of Other Names To It, It Has Other Cases Of Ammunition

The G11 Assualt Rifle Also Appears In The Machinimas Such As: DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, Video Game Black Ops, And Video Game Zombies. In The Black Ops RPG, Drunken Mayuri Can Accquire This Weapon At Level 30 Or Higher, Once Mayuri Transforms Into Drunken Mayuri, He Is Able To Wield This Weapon. In Sentai Filmworks's Vocaloid Fortress 2, Simmah Can Equip This Weapon For Herself Once It's Unlocked. In Order To Unlock The G11 For Simmah, You Must Achieve 25 Achievements On Vocaloid Mode. The G11 In VF2 Has Rapid Fire Capabilities And Beats Haku's M240 As A Conclusional Result, Because Of Both Equally Matched, Haku And Simmah Are The Varients That Can Wield Different Weapons, Or At Least Steal Their Style.

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