The Guillotine choke is a chokehold in martial arts applied from in front of the opponent. The choke involves using the arms to encircle the opponent's neck in a fashion similar to a guillotine. The technique is either a type of tracheal compression restraint (wind choke) that prevents air flow to the lungs, or a blood choke depending on how it is applied. When executed from the ground, the person applying it will try to control the opponent by the hips, for instance using a closed guard. This is done to prevent the opponent from escaping the hold, and to be able to apply additional pressure by extending the hips. It's a very effective maneuver when performed correctly.

The arm is wrapped around the trachea and the hands are clasped. Pressure is applied upwards to restrict blood flow to the head, causing unconsciousness.

This technique can cause unconsciousness if done correctly. It is taught in various grappling martial arts, including Jujutsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, as well as in mixed martial arts competition. In Danzan Ryu, it is also taught as a neck crank.

However, This Kind Of guillotine choke Is Formed Differently Because Of The Different Style And Formation, It Is Usually Near The Neck, Head, Or Legs Area, And Using All The Force To Tap To Opponent Out, This Kind Of Choke Is Highly NOT Legal In The Tournament, Which Means Instant Death And A Life Lost. For Anyone As The Main Competitor. It Is Highly Among Others, Like The 15th Division Captain Who Also Uses This Submission In The Soul Society, However, She Is Just Currently Training To Be A Guard Captain, Also, In Conclusion, The Choke Nearly Takes The Life Out Of Anybody Who Uses It, Just Like The Hell's Gate Submission From The Undertaker.

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