Fleet Admiral Castor Dane Is One Of The Former Villians Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures In The Galactic Rebel Re-Union Arc, Despite Samus's Kiddie Effect Problem, Castor Dane Deploys His Rebels And Surrounds The Empty Field Of The Wooden House Of DigitalPh33rson's Former Machinima HQ. While Binyah And The Serpant Riders Try To Race Dane, He Quickly Grabs Samus Aran And Meets Others Like: Ami Mizuno (Amy Anderson), Taylor (Does Not Appear In Machinima) And Katie-Bugg, (Also doesn't Appear In Machinima). Castor Dane Used These Refrences To Get DigitalPh33rson In Trouble. And Samus Tried Her Best To Get His Friendship Back.

After Dane Losing Samus, He Lost His Galactic Rebels As Well, Dane Also Confronts Adam Malkovich Who Is A Shady Galactic Federation General. Adam Finished Dane Quickly And That Resulted In His Eternal Death. He Also Went After Dane's Competition Opponent, Binyah As Well. And In The End, Korax, Dane, And The Kiddie Effect Recipe Was Destroyed In Little Kai-Lan's Meat Grinder, As A Meer Conclusion, Castor Dane's Death Result His Name Being Deleted In The United Nation Of Evil's Member List. Cornellia Makio Was Still Ressurected In Season 3. It Is Not Rumored About Dane's Return Yet. Probably Season 5 Will Make His Return. In The DigitalPh33rsons RPG Adventures Machinima, DigitalPh33rson Fights Dane Castor At Level 22, Right Before Cornellia Makio, Dane Is A Formidle Opponent That Is Easy To Finish Off, But DigitalPh33rson Didn't Have Finishing Moves Until Season 3. Still, Dane's Sprite Was Showering In Blood Like A Drunken Dog.

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