346px-Fire Lord

Fire Lord, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops 2, He Is Known As The Team Leader Of The Fire Assassins, His Secret Criminal Name is "Phoenix Cherokee"

Fire Lord Is 3 Of The Newest Villians In Video Game Black Ops 2, Following From His Endless Schemes, From The Captive Capture Of Richard Nixon, Fire Lord Has Grew Madder And Madder Everyday. That Doesn't Mean That His Schemes Could Easily Run Over Very Fast. Fire Lord Is The Leader Of The New Fire Assassin Group. Following From Reptilian Executioner Nitroblast, To Fast Vomit And Grueling Jetbug In A Quick Instant. He Powers Up With The Machinima Fueling Factory, And Machinima Werehouse, Destroying Them Completely.

Character Ability Is Deception, Fire Lord's HP Doubles Up And Goes Beserk With Intense Attack Power, Making Him A Formidible Opponent. With Nixon Rescued, Fire Lord And His Group Of Assassins Go To A Much Formidible And More Equal Prize. Fire Lord Replaces Raging Raven And Crying Wolf, He Has The Reassemblence And Combines The Strength To His Body, Making Him, That Tough. Fire Lord Will Consume Derrick, If He Succeeds.

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