Fidel Castro, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops

Fidel Castro Is One Of The Newer Characters In Video Game Black Ops 1 And 2, Though Was Held Hostage By Fire Lord's Most Skilled Executioners, Nitroblast. Fidel Almost Had His Life Cut Off To The Very Extreme, But Derrick Sanderson Came To His Rescue And Helped Him From The Evil Nitroblast. But Fidel Wasn't Suprised For Derrick's help. Though, He Should've Handled The Situation Himself Instead Of Being Held For Execution. (Which Hasn't Been Done In A While).

Fidel Castro Also Appeared In the Zombie Map, "Codename, Five" Those Simple Letters Were Established By This Man And Puttted Together A Group Of Presidents Like JFK, Robert, And Nixon. Fidel Is Very Slow. And His Character Ability Is "Fire Proof" Which Gives Immunity From The Fire Lord's Clutches In Hopes Of Attempt Of Attacking Castro. Which He Never Will Because He Only Chose Richard Nixon As His Host Of Execution. Fidel Is A Commonly Known Man For His Fire Resistant Abilites And That He Says: "I'm Never Afraid Of That Big Scary Fire Lord." His Motto Is More Popular Than Maurice Favreau, Anthony Higgs, And Chris Redfield.

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