A Fetish Chemical Toxin Is What Most Fetish Newcomers Use, But Little Is Known About This Strange Toxin As It's Own Priority. It's Only Used By Shadow (DigitalPh33rson) And Silver The Hedgehog. Hatsune Miku Also Used This Toxin Against Olette, And

utting In A Coma State, The Only That's Not Effective Against This Toxin Is Rukia Kuchiki, Who Is Against Fetishes And Has No Effect Against This Toxin. Rukia Also Saved Olette's Life Against This Toxin And She Woke Up From Coma.

In Conclusion, This Toxin Is Only Dangerous To Only Those Who Are Against Fetishes Like: Scoff, Knuckles, Rukia, Olette, Pence, Hayner, DiZ, Ansem, Time Gal, And Samus.

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