Females Are The Valuable Species On Earth, In The Machinima Universe, They Are About 2,400,000 Females In The Machinima Industry, Including Professor Araragi, Makomo, Daisy, Morrigan, And Samus. Some Say Scoff Is Not On This Category Because She Isn't A Tomboy, But Samus, Araragi, Makomo, Daisy, Morrigan, And ???????? Are Tomboys, They Have Straight Edge Forms Also Known For Many Reasons That They're Tomboys & Showed Their Pride As A Man. Some Straight Edge Forms Include: Sam Makio, Peewee, Puggsy, Jody, Gregar, And Jaroda. All Females Have Straight Edge Forms Except For Males Because They Are Main Characters Of Their Own Series.

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