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The FN FAL, As Seen In A Illustration

The FN-Fal Assault Rifle Is A Weapon Made In Belguim. With It Being Ranked #8, It's Probably A Ammo Draining Weapon, But It Does A Lot Of Damage. (Unlike Haku Yowane's M240). With It's Rarity Being Very Common, In Video Game Black Ops, You'll Find A Truckload Of Enemies Wielding This Weapon. This Weapon Isn't Found In Any Armory, You'll Have To Take It From Them, To Obtain It. Some Of The Galactic Federation Platoon Members Use This Weapon As Well

This Weapon Is Only Appearing In Video Game Black Ops Part 1, However In Part 2, There's Going To Be A Little Few Of This Weapon Being Appeared In Anywhere, Because Of The Largest Of Areas. In Opinion, This Weapon Is A Powerful One, But it Drains The Gun's Ammo More Quickly Than Any Other Weapon. It's Not Purposely As A Contributional Use Of This Weapon.

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