Eternal Pursuit Is The Constant Of Constantly Running Away Marathon Style, And Never Stopping For Anything, This Torture Is Very Effectively Common To The Machinima's Tomboys, The Haven Troopers, Which Runs Away If They Have A Tickle Torture, Or An Unmasking, Or A Execution, The Execution Is Very Rare To Haven Troopers, Not Much Haven Troopers Die From Anything.

The Haven Troopers Just Need To Run While In This Act Of Torture, They Keep Running, Before They Can Catch Their Breath. Or Fall And Faint From A Rapid Heartbeat From Running Away Too Much. Eternal Pursuit Consists Of The Prey, (The Target) And The Chaser, (The Predator) Which Is Commonly Of Scripmasters: (Mashiro, Miku, Soba, Osho, Etc.) Or Any Other Character That Has Fast Speed. Eternal Pursuit Is Usually On Video Games: Future Wafare Series, Fire Torpedo's Virtual Adventure Series, And Warriors Unleashed. This Torture Is Rarely Deadly, Because They Don't Pick The Execution Option Too Much, (unless If It's Another Person Besides A Haven Trooper). This Pursuit Relys On Stamina Insteaed Of Fear, Unless Your The Predator.

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