Eric Theodore Cartman is a fictional character on the American animated television series South Park. One of the four main characters along with three protagonists Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick, he is often portrayed as the series' main antagonist as well in opposition to his friends, who commonly refer to him by his family name. He debuted on television when South Park first aired on August 13, 1997; he had earlier appeared in The Spirit of Christmas shorts created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone in 1992 (Jesus vs. Frosty) and 1995 (Jesus vs. Santa).

Voiced by Trey Parker, Cartman is an overweight, spoiled, foul-mouthed, mean-spirited, sociopathic, selfish, and ill-tempered fourth-grader living with his mother in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado, where he commonly has extraordinary experiences not typical of conventional small-town life.

Cartman is one of the most popular characters on the show, and has remained one of the most recognizable television characters ever since South Park became a hit during its first season. Parker and Stone describe the character as "a little Archie Bunker", and state that he is their favorite character, and the one with whom they most identify. During its fourteen seasons, South Park has received both praise and criticism for Cartman's tendency to be politically incorrect and shockingly profane. Prominent publications and television channels have included Cartman on their lists of the most iconic television and cartoon characters of all time.

In The Machinima, He Plays A Major Role In Video Game Zombies And Later Was Deceased After Microsoft Shingen And The Galactic Union Took Over. Cartman Was The Arch-Nemesis Of Ryan Miller And Thwarted His Plot To Destroy Him. Despite The Storyline, Eric Cartman Was Also Involved Of Taking Samus Aran And Turning Her Into A Zombie In The Middle Of The Series. When HidanNotMugen Was Gone, Eric Cartman Told His Zombie Army That He Will Defeat Ryan Miller In Battle, But Ryan Miller Defeated Cartman And Won The Battle. It Was A Tough-Fought Contest, But Ryan Managed To Hang On. After Cartman's Defeat, He Was Buried Back Into His Grave By Ryan Miller. The Rest Of The South Park Gang Congratulated Ryan Miller After Cartman's Triumph Of Failure Of Ever Killing Ryan And Killing Him. But Eventually Later On, Ryan Miller Was Supposed To Turn Into A Zombie, Not Because Of Cartman, But Because Of The Galactic Union's 350th Century Zombie Inspiration Program. When The Program Was Going On, Many Citizens Would Be Surrounded By These Zombies, Then Later On, They Would Eventually Be In Zombie Groups To Get Ryan Miller Into His Watery Grave. Cartman Was A Decent Villian In The Machinima, Not Much Of A Good Guy, But Toad Blamed Cartman And Had To Pay His Limo. But Cartman Ignored This All The Way Until His Death Against Ryan Miller. Toad Apologizes Ryan And Wishes Him A Good Travel.

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