The Dustflier Is The Strongest Of All Heartless, According To Kingdom Hearts And Organization XII, These Dragon Style Creatures Hold Non-Anime Traits And Consume Of Raw, Powerful, And Dreadful Energy. These Creatures Serve Under The Deadly Alliance, The Anti-Soul Society, And The Black Ops. The Dustflier Is Probably The Strongest In The Machinima Beastary. Unlike The Claudion Guntank, Which Is It's Tag Trait, Is Far More Larger And Takes More Damage. The Dustflier, On The Other Hand Is The Most Consumable. Prepare Accordingly.

Target Name: Dustflier

HP: 1009

ATK: 707

DEF: 2001

Spiritual Energy: 201% (314.9)


1. Dusflier Fireball Storm

2. Raging Burst Charge

3. Polara Flying Flip

4. Dustflier Banzai Tail

Items Dropped: Moon Crystal, Mars Crystal, Gold Circuit Board.

Notes: Average Attacker With High HP Level And High Defense, Neutralized From The Real Version. Very Strong From The Inside. Prepare Accordingly.

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