Captain Of The 12th Division And Saiyan Officer Of Taiwan, This Version Of Mayuri Is Activated When He Spots A (&nbsp) Glitch In His Research Or Article. This Attacker Likes To Use 3 Combos And A Pause, He's Also Got A "Moldy" Taurine Puking Attack That Poisons You After A Brief Moment, Only The Grasp Of His Defeat Can Break His Drunk Personality.

Target Name: Drunken Mayuri

HP: 1709

ATK: 1016

DEF: 2051

Spiritual Energy: 5032% (1240.5)


1. Angry Taunt

2. Taurine Puke

3. 3-Hit Combo

4. Head Throw

Notes: "Drunken" Personality Is Currently Active, Attack Him A Few Times To De-Activate His Drunken Form, Finish Him Off.

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