The Dreadnought Battleship Is A World War I That Is Even More Weaker Than The Yamato Or The Nagato, It Is Even More Smaller Than It's Rivaled Sizes, The Yamato And Nagato, It Has A Thousand More Cannons That Will Actually Destroy A 7 Story Building To Oblivion, It Even Has Less Armor Because Of It's Size And Power. The Cannon Power Is Actually To Those Compared To A Car Crash. The Dreadnought Is A Battleship In Command Of Tank Dempsey And Nikolai Belenski Who Have One Purpose, To Defeat DigitalPh33rsons Mobile Machinima Headquarters And Their Underwater HQ. The Dreadnought is Powerful One In Diameter, Over 5 Million Impacts Have Been Reported By Destroying 6 Million Cars And 6 Million Citizens. Most Of Them Are Real Life People, No Anime Characters.

The Dreadnought Was Successfully Stopped By Adam Malkovich's Army And Helped DigitalPh33rson To Make His Getaway To Seattle, It Took Him A Few Days, But The Galactic Rebellion Patrolled 70 Million Corners Of The Sea, Cleaning Out Tank Dempsey's Army And His Other Sea Carriers, This Included The Dreadnought Battleship.