Dragovich Is The Late Russian Embassedor And The Arch Nemesis Of Alex Mason Of Call Of Duty Black Ops. In The Black Ops Speakonia Machinima However, He Seeks Attention From Derrick Sanderson, AKA: DigitalPh33rson. Dragovich Is Also A Satellite Expert, He Seeked A Super Powerful Reading From The Radar And It Was The Last Of The Monsters. Little Does He Know About It. He Picked Super Powerful Energy Readings And Picked A Really BAD Signal From It. The Signal Was Kurt Zisa. Kurt Zisa Was Rampaging The Grasslands Of Tohr La' Lizza, A Major Farmland In Mid-Russia.

Dragovich Accepted DigitalPh33rson's Honor And Continued To Keep Researching On The Fetish Crisis And The Monster Invasion, That Is However, When Kurt Zisa Is Defeated. He Will Keep Track Of Any Un-Necessary Signiture Readings From The Area 51's Satellite Headquarters!!

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