The Dragon's Breath Rounds Are Probably The Most Deadly Because They're On FIRE!! With It Being In Most Call Of Duty Video Games, It's Most Popular In The Video Game Black Ops Machinima! Why? Because You Get To Raid A Forest With These Rounds, No I'm Not Talking About The Forest In The Jack (Raiden) Series, I'm Talking About A Destructible Forest, Peeps! When You're In A Rough Situation, These Are The Rounds You Want To Be With! "OH YEAH, BABY! I'M CHUCK NORRIS!!" With These Rounds, You're Able To Survive A Entire Episode With These.

"DON'T FORGET BOYS AND GIRLS!" These Rounds Can Be Applied To Certain Models Of Shotguns Including: Double-Barreled Ultrasound XX60, AA-12 Cold War Shotgun, (With the Exception Of Wielding 2 Of These Babies Can Result In A Double Whammy), The SPAS-12 Model, And The Normal KS-12 Shotgun. "WITH THIS OFFER, YOU WON'T HAVE TO DIE A LOT LONGER, BECAUSE, YOU'RE GOING TO BE PROTECTED!!" You'll be Unstoppable For $79.99 (cash only), To Afford The Dragon's Breath Rounds! Is There A Dragon Within You??

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