DracoVader Is A Youtuber Who Appeared In One Episode That It Was The StarwolfNotMugen Birthday Specail, He Also Appeared As A Re-Run In The DigitalPh33rsons Trilogy Birthday Episode, But It Failed To Render In High Quality. DracoVader Made Anti-Jeremy Clarkson Videos Which Consists Both Jeremy Clarkson Jr. And Jeremy Clarkson Sr. (American Chopper Series).

DracoVader Is Also Friends With StarwolfNotMugen & DigitalPh33rson, Also Refrenced Was SamuelPetersen AKA: DoReMiForever. DracoVader Has Other Video Planned: Anime AMV's, Youtube Poops, And Comedy Videos. But A Future AGK Episode Named AGK Watches DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, This Is Neat Because Leopold Slikk Will Review This Machinima Series And Will Monitor The Series And See What He Thinks About It.