Windows 7 Scotty, AKA: Doctor Edward Richtofen The 1st

Original Article Name: "Windows 7 Scotty"

Radar Overseer Scotty Is The Main Antagonist For Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors, The Reason Why He Didn't Get His Boloney Sandwich Is The First Place Because Of Him Getting Tortured By Microsoft Sam. Also, After A Few More Boloney Samwich Thefts, He Still Fails In The Process. During His Time With Sam, He Is Working On Microsoft Sam's Diahrea Infested Toilet For 600 Days And 600 Nights. And Still Is Tortured By It. The Vanquished For Scotty Was Trying To Get Revenge On Him. And He Did That, With The Help Of Microsoft Shingen And Keldon. Keldon Took Scotty To Shingen's Lair To Get A Completely New Makeover, And That Transformed Him Into Windows 7 Scotty, Which Looks A Lot Like Darth Vader, Well, His Voice Is Not Darth Vader.

Windows 7 Scotty Earned Him The Nickname: "Doctor Edward Richtofen" For All His Hardwork And His Diginity On The Shingen Army. With This, His Pride Earned Him The Betrayal Of The ThunderBirds101 Space Station Betrayel List. Because Of Microsoft Mike's Cowardly Death, Microsoft Sam Has Nothing But His Information Robots Left To Keep Company For Him. And Since Scotty's Betrayal, The Information Robots Keep Up With Microsoft Sam's Chores: Clean The Lounge, Cleaning His Toilet, And His IWAY Cookie Trail Away. And Vacuuming All 180 Rooms Of The Thunderbirds101 Space Station.