Dissidia: Super Smash Brothers The Movie (ディシディア:大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズブラザーズ映画 Dishidia: Dai rantō sumasshuburazāzuburazāzu eiga) Is A Action Movie Starting William Morley (As Phazon Pete) And Derrick Sanderson (Ryan Miller). Who Was Later Joined By Yourico (Laura Bailey). They Took A Oppisite Tier And Decided To Go Their Own Way. In The Hopes Of Meeting Their Goal Or Dream In The Middle Of The Movie, Master Hand & Crazy Hand Set Up Roadblocks For The Heroes And Fought Their Way To Victory. It's Their Hopes Of Ever Winning.

During The Almost Ending Of The Movie, Phazon Pete Was Almost Injured From The Last Battle With Edrad Liones, And Yourico Completely Incapacitated By Larxene And Ryan Miller Survived Most Of His Battles. In The Very End, The Blue Fairy, Meia. Revives The 2 Other Heroes And Took The Blame On Ryan From Beating Them So Fast. Although The Movie Was Only About 320 Minutes Running Time, It Almost Lasted For 2 Hours. The Movie's Overall Was 7.7/10 And The Box Office's Overall Was 4.8/10 And Since The Movie's Overall Beated The Box Office's Overall, The Movie Gained At Least $8 Billion From Attendance. For Watching The Movie. The Game's Cover Of Dissidia Super Smash Bros Has The Same Design As The Theatrical Poster. Pure White Background, And All The Action Heroes And Smash Bros Characters. The Gross Revenue Was About: $475,003,431.

The Rating Was PG-13 Due To It's Graphical Content And Ragdoll Related Content.

Released:March 3, 2010 (RU), July 11, 2010 (US), October 4, 2010 (JPN), December 16, 2010 (EUR)