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DigitalPh33rsons Trilogy Is A 2010 Mini Series On Youtube Adopted By StarwolfNotMugen 9 Years After His Suspension. This Series Consists Of 3 Videos In One, Sometimes 5 or 2 In A Special Or ALT History Episode. DigitalPh33rsons Trilogy Is Also Broadcasted In High Definition (720p), Which Has A Little Added Quality To Eliminate The Series's Blurry, Foggy, And Blush Quality, However, The Sound Quality Is A Little Bit Tweaked Due To The Fact That It's High Definition, It's Mainly A Re-Run And A Marathon At The Same Time. It Consists Of Character Introductions, Collab Episodes, Video Coverages, Alternate Histories, And 2 Part Specials. Episode One Consists Of 3 Videos, Episode 2 Is 2 Videos, And Episode 3 Is 5 Short Videos, And The Rest Is Top Secret/Classified For Now.

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