DigitalPh33rson's Current Picture.

The Number 1 Hit Blockbuster that The StarwolfMugen Clan Has to Offer, Unlike Other Machinima's This one is a Role-Play Like Experiance for people to watch. The Entire Series was Started By StarwolfMugen, But he Suffered Horribly and Abandoned his Account, He Later Called himself StarwolfNotMugen Which Fits His Specialites. Later, The Episodes would become Better And Better than the old ones, At Least The Writer and Director didn't know some skills with speakonia and it's voice settings. After years of practice, He started making these series to impress his friend DigitalPh33rson who would become later as Derrick Sanderson/Ryan Miller. Then His Entire Video Views Started Expanding on the much Older Episodes. The Episode would then become later as "Alternate Timeline Episodes" As The wmv Glitch Continues On, The Writer can't upload so much videos during his spare time, because he got sick of the glitch and disabled much of his ratings. Even though he always does that, He does it anyway. Much of the episode involve shows from many things like: Azumanga Daioh, Pokemon, Hexen, Naruto Shippuden, And Many More that the writer can't arsed to name more. But, Before the series started, the Protagonist wasn't DigitalPh33rson Back then, It was Brian Sanderson And Brett Sanderson, They were the only DigitalPh33rson(s) Way Back Then after when DigitalPh33rson was born. The Entire Episodes keep Expanding until they reach Season 8, Which is the Finale. The Episodes Are Named in no Order: *The Revenge Of Barney *Episode 2 Remake Currently Unknown At This Time *Jokes And Fairy Tales *Meister For A Kid! *VILLAINS UNITE!! At Least They are some episode out there for you to watch. Note: The Episode List does not Include The Boss Stages, The Holiday Specials, And The Alternate Timeline Episodes!! They are counted as minors!!

Two Other Seasons Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Were Rumored To Be Made With Windows Movie Maker And Sony Vegas As Well As Powerdirector, And Despite Their Music Selections, Only A Few Episodes Will Have Music/RPG Fights. Unlike DigitalPh33rson's RPG Adventures, That Only Focuses On the Makio Arc, The Nazi Arc, And The Dark Samus Fight Arc, That Only Consists Of 25 Fights Total Including 1 Game Over As Well Against Cornellia. The Jack Raiden Series Focuses On Getting Solid Snake Back As Well Fighting The Deadly Alliance, Onaga, And Deuce-X. Deuce-X Will Fight Jack To Get Solid Snake Back, But Only In A Old Body That Had A Super Strong Drink To Keep Snake Living. Others Consists Of The Final Boss Sui-Feng, As Well As Some Familiar Other Adventures With Other Influances To It.