DigitalPh33rson Is A User On Youtube, Twitter, And Facebook. He Is One Of Those Greats Who Developed The Sam Makio Potion To Save Samus's Life, and More Importantly, He Likes To Type Constant Comments, Some Are Offensive, And Some are Plain Fun.

In Real Life, DigitalPh33rson Likes Cranberry Juice And Grape Juice

He Needs That Juice To Cool Down, It Has A Lot Of Vitamin C In It. Some Rumors Are Found That He Likes Venom Energy, But That's Like a Rumor In Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Except That's Spoiling Some Rumors. His Other Games Are Mortal Kombat, Half Life, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, Smash Bros, And Onechanbara.

In The Writer's Opinion, DigitalPh33rson Isn't Bad. He's Above Average Youtubers. Most Importantly, A Machinima Wizard.