Alfred William Fonphan "Deuce-X" (born October 1st, 1991) Is A Video Making, Script Making, Sweaty Wrestler, And Businessman Who Works For This Wikia And Youtube. He Goes Under The User Name: StarwolfNotMugen, NewStarwolfNotMugen, And OfficialYosuke As A Puppet. He Has A Super Wrestling Move Named The Spear, Or The Tag Which Gives You 5 or 10 Facts About Yourself. He Also Likes Mugen, His Most Favorite Fighter In The Game Is Aoko Aozaki, Because Of Her Long Advanced Combos And Skill Techniques. He's Also Making A Bleach Dark Souls Add-On Named: Final Mix Plus And Final Mix Ultra.

He Is Working With Assistant Worker, DigitalPh33rson With Scripts And This Website Itself. Despite The Fact That Deuce-X Has Branstormed More Than Over 250 Articles On This Wiki. And He's Planning To Do Others As Well. He's Off The PS3 Internet Until He Can Get It Fixed. A Secret Password Was Required To Work It. He Also Insists On Getting His Mugen Game Back On His Own Computer. It Is Not Known Where The Computer Is At, But It Is Rumored That He Moved To A Different House And His Friends Are Continuing To Find It. The Computer Is In The Large Pile Of Stuff In Packing For Apache Street.

In Deuce-X's Dream, His Mission Was To Get DigitalPh333rson And Kill Him For Conviction, For The Stuff He's Put Through. The Dream Consist Some Of The Places That Deuce-X Has Been At For His Day. The Areas Consist Of The Following:

  • Inniswood Forest - Kokiri Ditch Outpost (Theme: Armadillo Knight - Boss Theme)
  • Cherington Elementary Backlot Concrete (Theme: Fan Made Naruto Song)
  • Corolla North Carolina Beach (Theme: Kingdom Hearts 2 - Xenmas Battle Theme In G-Major)
  • Oakland Bank (Next To Papa Johns) (Theme: Dragonforce - Fury Of The Storm

This Also Follows In A Nightmare That Deuce-X Joins The Youtube Espada Team And Suspended More Than Little Than 50 Youtubers. Some Of 2FunnyVersionIV's Friends Were Still Arround, And Not Affected By The Espada Raid. A Myth About Deuce-X, He Gave His Own Life To Join The Darkside After Killing His Target. And This Is Only A Myth.


"In The Afterlife, Deuce-X Dissappeared With Grief In Hopes Of Finding His Convicted Friend, And Appologized With Only Gratitiude"


"Deuce-X Left His Friend Behind In The Hopes Of Never Seeing Him Again. He Returned Home, And Relaxed With Relief."

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