Deuce-X, The Main Persona Of StarwolfNotMugen And The Notorius Head Of The Scriptmaster Government, Has Pinpointed Jack's Location After The Defeat Of Onaga And The Deadly Alliance, And Since He Doesn't Have Any Soul Powers, He Will Have To Use His Brawler Style Fight Techniques To Defeat Jack And Get Him Back Into Solid Snake's Soul.


Target Name: Alfred Arnold "Deuce-X"

HP: 4800 (780)

DEF: 8800

ATK: 10,000

SE (Spiritual Energy): 4800


1. Oblivion Keyblade

2. Megaphone Siren (Lowers Defense And Defs Target)

3: Oblivion Keyblade Whip (Stronger Version Of The Oblivion Keyblade Attack)

4: Dumpling Bomb (Rarely Uses This Attack)

Notes: Has High Defense, Similar Plays To Riku, Attacks With Full Power, Restores Health At Occasions, And Has Status Nullifys To Keep The Healing To Himself, Boss Level: Very Hard. The Ending Is Still The Same, Even If You Win, You Lose. It Ends Season 3 When Deuce-X Is Defeated.

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