Derrick Sanderson Is A 22 Year Old Marine From The Liberty Order Group To Eliminate The Notorius Black Ops Group Who Already Has Samus In Their Power, Like Cornellia Makio, The Black Ops Deserve Nothing But Revenge On Derrick Sanderson. Derrick Is The Main Character Of Video Game Black Ops, Which Earned Him Number One In The Machinima Character Election Poll.

Derrick Sanderson Has His 3 Minor Backup Teams, Qasim Masoum, Jeffrey Richtofen, And Pete Allen. In Order To Hunt For The Antidote For Walter Richtofen, Derick Sanderson Only Traveled For 70 Days Through Notorius Worlds And Parts Of The Country, On His Way To Hunt For The Antidote, Derrick Also Fought Samus Aran, Who Betrayed Him In The Introduction Episode (Episode 0). Derrick Sanderson Won, But Jeffrey Richtofen Found The Antidote For His Brother Walter Richtofen. Derrick Still Continued His Journey, In Order To Find Information On How Derrick Can Get Samus Aran Back On His Side. He Traveled Through Parts Of Seattle, Canada, Spain, New York, Iraq, South America, Japan, And Florida. Derrick Will Get His Interlude Reputation Back To Help Samus Join By His Side Again.

Physical StatisticsEdit

Player Name: Derrick Sanderson

Starting Level: LV.15

HP (At Start): 870

ATK: 1360

DEF: 4800


1. Pumplede Shotgun (TF2 Shotgun)

2. AK-47 (Russian Rifle)

3. Lugermorph

4. RPG-7 (Grand Finale Move - Only When Target's HP Is Only 5% Or 15% Health Left.)

Thrown Items:

1. Breakfast Egg

2. G-Virus (Resident Evil)

3. Water Medallion

4. Black Ops Field Guide (Can Be Thrown Infinite Times)

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