The Deadly Alliance Hq, AKA: The Soul Temple, Is A Very Complex Location Only Known To The 3 Leaders, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, And Onaga. These 3 Tyrants Are Very Dangerous And May Need Some Skill To Take Them Down, Use Important Strategies And Help The Citizens Escape And End The Deadly Alliance For Good!!

Enemies In The Field:

Avalanche Dragon X1

Shadow X150

Shadow Priest X70

Phantomtail X2


Shang Tsung X1

Quan Chi X1

Onaga X1

Caution! A Powerful Enemy Is Near!! (Secret Enemy):

Dustflier X1

Items In The Field:

Golden Script X1

Pancake Plate X6

PED Suit Battery X10

Volt Box (Power-Up) X2

Approval Script X5

Puzzle Plate X1

Snake Effect X1

Mayurin Fossil X1

Soul Vocal Removal X1

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