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Since The Posting of his new Series: Adventure "Random" Land Collab Haunted Hotel, He has became a new leaf and started to become nicer. His Skills Involve Animation, Drawing, and Hypercam/Fraps Elite 2. He hates Haruhi Suzumiya, Including Yosuke Hanamura. His Remainents Keep him good rather than bad, Which makes some good ideas with primary Key Ideas. His Ideas Also try to make stab evil youtubers in the face, Including Warner Music Group, Ministry Of Sound, And Sony Music Group. His Involvements for his people and subscribers. His Primary Task is to take satan down, even with his own life. The Bible wants revenge on him against Satan, Making More Animation Collabs in the Nearby Future, Unless it's 2012, Which is (999.99%) Fictional. If would end, What will??

Apparently, The Volcano Collab was a success, Pertruding from the last Video his Work was put to "Good Use" After a million Days Of Processing. Ususally He Makes Videos, His Current Video is Banning Bondage, Was Banned From School for Certain Reasons. Weapons, Sexual Themes, some blood and Mature Content.

The Voice Actors That Should Be Haved Forgotten:

Timothy Crabtree As: "D"

William Morley As: "Red/Juga/Brak"

William Morley As: "Maia Mizuki/Mr. Dark/Orpheus"

And Gouken As: "HIMSELF!!"