Cyrax,He's The Robot Host Of The Series.

Cyrax Is A Robot That DigitalPh33rson Respects The Most. On The Other Top, He's A Well-Talented, Charismatic, And More Intelligent Character That Everybody Respects. Except For Knuckle Sister Scoff, During A Muay Thai Match, Scoff Was Defeated By Powerful Strike That Resulted In A Cardiac Arrest. Then, Scoff Passed Out And Was At The Los Angeles Hospital, Near A Chinese Theater.

After The Match With Scoff, Crax Gained DigitalPh33rson's Respect As New Character To Be Recruited. He Fought Well And Didn't Meant To Hurt Scoff On Purpose. After 60 Days, Scoff Returned, And Cyrax Forgived Scoff And Accepted His Apology.

Cyrax Is A Popular Video Game Character Who Appeared In Millions Of Mortal Kombat Games Worldwide, He Also Appeared In The Smash Bros Games, The Future Warfare Series, And Much More. In Fact, Cyrax Can Be Unlocked As A Playable Character In Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, When The Player Beats The Game With Several Characters.