Little Does DigitalPh33rson Know About This Device, This Device Was Given Blueprints To The Head Captain Yamamoto After Being Informed About It, This Device Would Acually Scout A Energy Signature And Scout A Missing Person, But It Ended Up In 4 Locations That The Final Boss Would Actually Transform From It's Energy Source. This Device Needed A Mineral To Power It Up Infinitely. It Was Uranuim-3 That Powered This Thing Up, And Was The Only Thing That Tranformed Deuce-X Into A Powerful Monster.

The Construction For This Device Took 2 Days To Finish, Costed More Than $18,000 From The Soul Society, And Took About 68 Soul Society Crew Members To Assemble. This Device Was Carried By A Huge Flatbed Truck, It Also Needed A Specific Location To Place, By A Work Of A Magnet Crane, By The Time The 4 Devices Were Installed, DigitalPh33rson Continued His 15 Final Adventures Before Facing Deuce-X Himself. The Human Form Of Deuce-X Interfereing With This Device, He Turned Drunk The Forest Area, But Turned Into A Monster In The 3 Other Locations. DigitalPh33rson, Doesn't Know That What The Court Captains Uses This Device For. It Was The Only Assignment For The Kokiris To Destroy Them, But DigitalPh33rson Defended Them, And Ran The Kokiris Out Of Business.

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