Cornellia Makio, As Seen In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures. He Is Currently On To Jack (Raiden's) Whereabouts.

Cornellia Makio Was A Former Villian Until Her Demise In The DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Nazi Era. Her Main Purpose Was To Hunt Down DigitalPh33rson, But Failed Millions Of Times. Cornellia Makio Likes To Go Arround In Flying Television Screen, But It Was Destroyed In A Car Crash. But The Impact Transformer Machine Trashed The Old TV And Upgraded It To A Big Robot Named Weapon-X. In The Nightmare Of Kid Samus And Kid DigitalPh33rson, The Magmortarian 3000 And Weapon-X Started Stalking Them. After The Debate, DigitalPh33rson Then Shot A RPG At The Magmortarian 3000 And Then Weapon-X Then Reverted Samus Aran Back To Normal

Cornellia Lives In Shadow Mosses Reserve Ohio, And Is The Proud Cousin Of Sam Makio, As It's Nephew, Cornellia Promised To Lookover Sam Makio, As Samus Aran. Was Later Then A Part Of Samus. In The Middle Of The Series, Cornellia Challenges DigitalPh33rson To A Battle, But Cornellia Lost In The Process. After Delivering The Kiddie Effect From The Deceased Cornellia Makio, Optimus Prime Took Action For DigitalPh33rson's Friends And Watched The Magic Happen.

Cornellia Also Appeared In The Jack (Raiden) Series Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures As A Priest And A Mage, Cornellia Makio's Soul Was Enhanced With Pure Taurine Energy To Live Longer Thanks To The Deadly Alliance, Cornellia Then Sent Word To The Dragon King That He Sensed That Jack Was Approaching From The Deadly Alliance Headquarters. Cornellia Sent Her Golem Army After Jack, And Onaga's Mummified Minions Were Outnumbering Jack, Which Means Cornellia Had A Second Chance To Get DigitalPh33rson After 100 Years Failed To Put An End To Him. She Managed To Capture Him Alive And Stated: "You're Not Going To Die." Then Cornellia Threw Jack Into The Room With The Deadly Alliance.