The Claudion Guntank Is A Powerful Enemy Known To Man And Is Heavily Armored To Those Who Oppose It, It's Older Brother Model, The RX-75-4 Guntank And It's Trait, The Phazon Pete Tank Banrai, Is The Most Thing That It's Dangerous To It. Despite It's Size, It Reaches Up To 15.6 Meters. It's 180mm recoilless cannon Attack Is Far At It's Rational Peak, And Can Take A Lot Of Life Out Of You, This Enemy Is Far The Strongest In The Machinima's Beastary. Prepare Accordingly. It's Battle Theme Is The Sherzo Di Notte, Along With The Drunken Mayuri, And Dustflier In The Black Ops Base, The Strategy Is To Keep A High Profile And Dodge It's Body Presses. Once It's Tired Enough, You'll Need To Attack It Quickly, Or Else It Will Counter Attack You.

As A Conclusion, The Claudion Guntank Has A High Defense And Attack Levels, But You May Have To Bring Some Of Your Allied Ones Into Battle. You'll Need A Technical Character If Your Going To Take This Robot Tank Down In A Hurry.

Target Name: Claudion Guntank

HP: 2046

ATK: 3591

DEF: 4700

Spiritual Energy: 700% (424.5)


1. Recoilless Cannon

2. Erinactic Cannons

3. Body Press

4. Raganrok Attack

Notes: Strongest Classes In The Top Secret Document Room. Has High Attack. Very Strong. Prepare Accordingly.

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