The Galactic Union Has A History Of Making A Wide Variety Of Experiments Which Are Top Secret Or Spoiled (Revealed), The Galactic Union Has Much More Than 500,000 Inventions That Were Failed/Or Not Tested For Example: There Was The Failed WMD Experiment That Attempted To Snuff Out The Millions Of Citizens Living In All 110 Continents Of The World. There Was Also The Lizard Formula That Regenerated Limbs Using An Unknown Substance & Chemical. It Also Made The Person/Organism 9000% Refreshing And Irresistable. And Finally, There Was A Time Machine That Was Made By The Galactic Union Was Later Set To Overdrive Un-Attended, And The Timewave Was Spawning Everywhere To The Far West, To A Secret Location Named "Castle Oblivion" The Timewave Killed More Than 300,000,000 People, Including The VF2 Yellow Bomber, Who Ran Castle Oblivion. However, There Was Only One Inhabitant That Managed To Survive, That Was Naminé. Naminé Has To Escape Her Cursed Castle In Order To Avoid Being Effected By The Timewave Caused By The Galactic Union Time Machine.

The Other Experiments Are Soon To Be Rumored As Soon As Possible, Until The Writer Is Assigned To One. Not Is Known At The Moment, But For Others, Soon To Be Revealed.

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