Chuck Liddell ufc

Chuck Liddell, As Seen In The UFC

Charles David "Chuck" Liddell, (born December 17, 1969) Is Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Kick Boxer. And Is A UFC Hall Of Famer. His Record Is 20 Wins And 2 Losses And 8 Wins In The Machinima Sports Industry Against Greats Like Araragi, Knuckle Sister Scoff, And Samus Aran. Chuck Liddell Is A Powerful Fighter That Incapacitated Scoff With A Backfist Attack In His Machinima Records. Chuck Liddel Was A Partner In The Machinima Fighting Championship Somewhere in the blue Corner. For Starting The Annual: "Machinima Tag Team Battle War".

Chuck Liddel Also Has A LFC Side Called Ashley Stephens, She Is Just Like Chuck Liddell, And Has 50 Wins And 6 Losses. Chuck And Ashley Have A Opposite Side, Just Like The Samus Clone And Samus Aran. And They're Very Much Alike.

Chuck's Nickname: "The Iceman"

As An AllyEdit

When You Pick Vs. Undertaker Tier In Machinima Sports Speakonia Series, You're Able To Have Chuck Liddel As Your Partner, As Scoff, Araragi, Haku Yowane, Or Rukia, You're Able To Have Chuck Liddel As Your Aided Ally, As Aided, Chuck Has 380 HP At Level One, At Level 5 He Has 740 HP, And At Level 30 He Has 2470 HP. He's A Really Good Offensive Attacker That Can Take Out Those Anti Sports Goons. If You're An Expert, You're Able Without Him And You're Off By Yourself.