The Executive Producer For Research And Development,

ChrisRedfieldFan9980 Is Rarely Seen On Youtube Due To The Fact That He Has Much Fun Time On Daily Motion Working On, His Current Projects Was The Map Design For Vocaloid Fortress 2 Stimulus Package And Resurgence Pack, Including Super Ultra Rare Map, Miku's Vocaloid, A Map With A Beautiful Atmosphere, Due To The Fact That This Map Was Dedicated To Hatsune Miku Herself, At The Far South East, You Can See The 7 Beautifully Carved Faces Of The Best People That Miku Respects, The Faces Reassemble Mt. Rushmore, The Famous President Faces. In VF2, They're Replaced With Vocaloid Fortress 2 Characters, In Order, From Left To Right: Hatsune Miku, Uryu Ishida, Haku Yowane, Kagamine Rin, Simmah, Neru Akita, And Kiru Meikane.

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