A Character Or Letter Limit Is Consists Of Too Many Letters (usually for a script and or a message) Being Typed And You Spent On Your Hard Earned Work On Somewhat A Script You Done. A Character Limit Usually Shows One Letter Deleted Or A Whole Word Being Showed. If You Typed Short Scripts However, You Won't Have To Deal With This Issue. If You Ignore It Completely, Finish Your Script Or Message, With Only A Peroid Or Something Else.

Mashiro Mito Comes Out Usually And Laughs At You For Doing Such A Cruddy Job On A Script Or Message, When A Character Limit Appears. It Also Shows That Mashiro Might Show Up And Hold Up A Script Meaning That You Did It Correctly. And Has Been Sent Successfully. This "Mashiro Gig" Is Also Refrenced To The Laughing Dog From Nintendo's Duck Hunt NES Game That Has Been Released In 1855.

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