Central 500 Is A Location Only Linked To The Phazon Pete Universe, Despite It's Size, It Is The Biggest, Scariest, And Most Deadly Skyscraper Towers Devoted In Machinima History, Built By The 3 Soul Gods, Nightmare, Seigfried, And Algol. They Have Dedicated The City 22's Most Finest Not To Go Near This Tower, And On Top Of That, The Tower Has A Big Glowing Core On The Very Rooftop, Phazon Pete & Maya Fey Did Not Expect This To Be A Safe Journey In Central 500, And Deuce-X Having Both The Soul Force And Soul Crystal, He Was Able To Opened The Super Reinforced Door, And Phazon Pete And Maya Started Their 50 Floor Journey In This Structure, It's Glowing Blue, And The Giant Sphere-Like Core Is Usually Red Once A Evil Virus Is In The Core, Phazon Pete & Maya Had To Fight This Virus As A Boss Battle.

Central 500's Theme Is Sacred Moon: Reprise, Despite It's Theme In The Roman Destruction Disk 1 In The Black Ops Soundtrack. They Also Made A Remix Of This Theme On Overclocked Remix (Dot) Org. To End This In Conclusion, Once The Virus Is Defeated In Battle, The Core Will Turn Blue And Phazon Pete Has Over 25 Minutes To Evacuate The Tower And Watch It Collapse In Pieces, Despite It's Government Issues, The Fey Family Had To Pay $37,000,000 In Damage In The Hopes Of Repairing This God-Made Structure.

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