Card Trick Appears As The Quinken's Henchmen In The Naruto Shippuden RPG Series Both 2.0 And Night Of The Quinken Video Games On The Nintendo DS. When Naruto Shippuden (King In Japanese), Encountered Card Trick For The First Time, Shippuden Defeated Card Trick And Gave Everything He Got. In Naruto Shippuden 2.0, In His Old Form, He Was Sadly Defeated, Though Tracking Card Trick Down Is No Easy Joke, To Him, It's One Big Game In His Entire Life And A Huge Gamble For Him. Like His Phantom Like Appearance, He Has A Floaty Body And A Happy Evil Face On Him.

Card Trick's Technology Earned Him His Name By Inventing Playing Cards That Were His Only Weapons. He Printed The Characters Of The Shippulings To Be His Public Enemy And Public Bait, So His Company Drew Pictures That Re-Assembled Naruto Shippuden, The Shippuden Queen, Boog, Rydel, Draco, Drougo, And Naruto FES, On His Cards. Hidden Inside His Cards, Are Actually Razor Blades That Can Cut Through Butter. If That Doesn't Work, Card Trick Has Another Weapon Called "Liar's Dice" Fortunely He'll Use Big-Sized Dice That Will Roll And Crush His Targets Like A Trapped Dungeon Prisoner. His Playing Cards Were Also Real Thing In Real Life, Courtesy Of You Can Buy The Card Trick Official Playing Cards For $22.50 It Also Includes The Liar's Dice And Contains 3000 Poker Chips Of Colors: Green, Orange, And Black. The Dice Is Black And Orange. The Card Trick Playing Card Set Is Perfect For Being Card Trick At The Cosplay, If You Were The Fan Of A Attack-Based RPG Game.

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