Call Of Duty Future Warfare 4 Is A Free Roaming, Mission Simulation Game By StarWolfNotMugen DigitalPh33rson-Productions. This game Is Published By Activision, Free Roaming Was Given Contribution To The Grand Theft Auto Game Engine, And The Opening Sequence Was By StarWolfNotMugen-DigitalPh33rson Productions, Nintendo,Sega,Konami,Capcom,THQ,MGM,THX,Infinity Ward and Treyarch. Future Wafare 4 Is The 4th Installment In The Call Of Duty Future Warfare Franchise. It Was Delayed To A Quarter Because The Smash Bros Deadly Alliance,Deception,Armageddon,Vs.Call Of Duty Future Warfare, Dissidia,Super Smash Bros.(2011) And The 13 Guard Captain's Edition/Super Smash Bros.(2011) Collectors Edition Of Europe Were Still Being Made For The Public. Copyrighted by StarWolfNotMugen-DigitalPh33rson Productions.

Future Warfare Has A New Video Game Zombies Mode Which Was Developed By StarWolfNotMugen-DigitalPh33rson Productions and Treyarch, Which Marks The Return Of Zombies In The Call Of Duty Series,The First Zombie Mode In The Future Warfare Series was Put In Future Warfare 3 Takes You To The Time Of The Zombie Outbreak And The President Crisis. Apart From It's Missions, Future Warfare 4 Recommends You That You Take The Campaign Mode First To Avoid Spoilers, You Will Need To Buy Weapons Of The Wall Or Open The Mystery Box In Order To Use Them In The Zombie Mode. It's Multiplayer Features Up To A Armeggedon Size That Allows 18,000 Players To Join, Keep In Mind, Most Of The People Play Call Of Duty Well, And You May Get Killed Oftenly In The Game's Multiplayer Mode. Apparently, You Can Set Up A Limit Of 8 Private Game Lobbies, As Well Assigning 45,000,000,000,0000/Fourty Five Trillion Players To Seperate Colors: Red, Blue, Green, And Yellow. With A Accomplished Limit Of 9,000,000,000,0000 On The Red, Blue, And Green Teams. While The Yellow Team Only Gets 36,000,000 Players For Their Team.

In The Both The Story Mode And Video Game Zombies Mode, The Video Game Zombies Mode Allows You Fight Bosses, Due To Major Restrictions From The 3 Other Installments Of Future Warfare, You Will Be Fighting Horror-Related Mosnters, As Well Scary Monsters. The Story Mode Has About 460 Additional Missions And Removed The Entire Boss Roster From The Story Mode Program. They Have Moved It To Video Game Zombies Mode To Avoid Interfereing Into The Game's Story. And The Final Boss Is The Largest War Spaceship Ever Constructed In The Machinima Universe,The Kostroma.She Returns With More Powerful Artillery, And More Bigger And Longer Than Before. While In The Game's Story Mode, You Get To Meet The Entire Gang Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, And Metroid Prime. As For The Video Game Zombies Mode, You Are In A Limo Like In The Introduction Episode Of Video Game Zombies. And Cartman Flew Through The Windshield.

BOSS LIST (Video Game Zombies Mode)

  • Cartman (Round 1)
  • HidanNotMugen
  • Independance Day UFO
  • Cartman (Round 2)
  • Dark Samus
  • Werewolf Scoff
  • Green Lizard Samus (Soba)
  • Cartman (Round 3)
  • Zombie Elephant
  • Zombie Monstro (Whale)
  • Zombie Mammoth (Prehistoric Elephant)
  • Zombie T-Rex
  • Giant Mummy Coffin (With 70 Arms)
  • Cartman (Round 4)
  • Lava Rock Monster
  • Volcano Inferno (New York)
  • Super Turret (Department Of Defense)
  • Cartman (Round 5)
  • Reshiram
  • Draygon (Super Metroid)
  • Ashogi Jizo (Mayuri Kurotsuchi)
  • Cartman (Final Round)
  • Zombie Frankenstein
  • Magmortarian 800000
  • Zekrom (Mutated Form)
  • Microsoft Shingen (Sub-Boss)
  • Kostroma War Spaceship (Flagship Boss And Final Boss,Kostroma War Spaceship Is A Inanimate Object,Adam Malkovich Is The Captain Of The Spaceship,He And His Crew Member's Operate It,Adam And His Crew Doesnt Hate Brian And His Friends,He Only Want's Them To Fight Him For Fun,And Adam And His Crew Present Brian And His Friend's With A Challenge)=

In Conclusion, Future Wafare 4 Will Be The Last Game Until Rumored By DigitalPh33rson, And It's Release Is Not Available Yet, However, Canada, Soul Society, Galactic Union, And The Netherlands, Have A Release. However, This Is The Only Game That Has A United Kingdom Release, Until Then, They Are Revealed.


RU:December 23, 2010

NE: January Final Quarter 2011

CAN: January 7th, 2011

SS: Spring 2011.

UK: December 25, 2010

GU: December 24, 2010

JP: May 14,2011

IL: June 7,2011

EUR:March 18, 2011

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