Call Of Duty: Future Warfare

(Служебный долг: Будущее войны Sluzhebnyĭ dolg: Budushchyee voĭny In Russian) (コールオブデューティ:未来ウォーフェア Kōruobude~yūti: Mirai u~ōfea In Japanese) Is A Free Roaming And Mission Simulation Game From Activision With Courtesy Of The Grand Theft Auto Game Engine Developed By Take-2 Interactive and Copyrighted by StarWolfNotMugen-DigitalPh33rson Productions. While Producing Stuff In This Game, This Game Contains More Than 80 Missions In The First Episode, After You Beat The Game, You Can Proceed With The Game's Sub-Missions, Which Contains War, Armaggedon, Vehicle Fight, Dogfights, Jeep Fighting, And Boss Battles, The Game's Boss Battles Contain More Than Only About 28 Bosses, Including:

  1. Qasim Masoum (Galactic Federation)
  1. Fire Inferno (9/11 Twin Towers)
  1. Amaterasu (Possessed, Fujihan's Belly Skin Reddish Blood Red)
  1. Metal Mario (Mini-Boss)
  1. Zombie Sui Feng/Soi Fon
  1. Sashay
  1. Britanny The Bat
  1. Juga
  1. Brak
  1. Zekrom
  1. Reshiram
  1. Lucas Slikk (AGK's Brother)
  1. Mayuri Kurotsuchi
  1. Anti Phazon Pete
  1. Joshomon Singah
  1. Phazon Pete
  1. Cornellia Makio
  1. Raiden
  1. Onaga The Dragon King
  1. Hydro
  1. Red Smoke-Noob
  1. Ashra
  1. Deadly Alliance (Tag-Team)
  1. Binyah (Sub-Boss)
  1. Phazon Pete (Boss)

Call Of Duty Future Warfare Has 80 Missions To Complete And 26 Bosses To Defeat, Which Requires Skill And Intelligence To Defeat Them, The Other Release Date Are Already Revealed And Most Of The Dates Are Up-To-Climax, Which Means The Soul Society And Netherlands Dates Have Been Revealed.


RU:March 21 1999

SS/Soul Society: March 16, 2003

NE: April 3rd Half 2011

GU/Galactic Union:May 19 2000

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