Brian Sanderson is a Galactic Federation Top Rank Soldier that Died in the Senior War And The Shadow Mosses War of 1950-1970, During his time, His Brother Brett were the First DigitalPh33rsons to host their own "DigitalPh33rsons Adventures" He has his own way of communicating with other Soldiers on the field, His Other Comrades trusted him well with respect, Along with Trace And Noxus. Noxus was to blame Brett for his Argument to the "Debate Of Confederacy" His Apperance Involves: Black Body Armor, A Black Flattop Haircut, And That Pretty much it of him. With The Exception of Brett which involves: Black Body Armor, Red Shoulder Pads, Yellow Gloves, And a Spiked Haircut. Notice that their Visors are Spring Colored, Brian Sanderson's Visor is Orange, And Brett Sanderson's Visor is Baby Blue. With Their Mad Arguments Still Intact, They Remain as Powerful Rivals as they are.