The Black Ops Base In Area 51 Is One Of The Most Dangerous Locations In The Machinima Universe, Despite It's Tight Security, You'll Need A Allied Partner If You're Going To The Restricted Areas Of The Base, Apart From The Mezari Mountain Fortress, This Location Is Mostly Outside Of The Desert And Loaded With Guards, With Some Of The Killed As Well. Not For Any, If You're Going To Save Samus From Screaming Mantis, You Must Collect Half Of The Machinima's Items From All 3 Seasons Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures!!

Enemies In The Field:

Black Op Sniper X15

Black Op Grunt X60

Black Op Ragner X10

Black Op Guards (Cannot Be Killed) X190

Windstorm X10

Caution! A Powerful Enemy Is Near!! (Secret Enemy):

Claudion Guntank X1

Drunken Mayuri X1

Dustflier X1

Hidden Enemies:

Grey Caprice X25

Neopolitan Shangri X5

Striped Aria X15

Tricky Monkey X10

Sky Grappler X20

Items In The Field:

Millitary Ration X60

Approval Script X10

Blonde Strand X1

Earth Piece X2

Sleeping Powder X5

Soul Candy X90

Ririn Clock X1

Golden Circuit Board X1

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