Black Navy War 2 Is A Free Online Game That Is Made By Canopian. That Is Always Influanced By Warships And Naval Wars. This Game Has All About Buying Ships And Destroying The Enemy Base. There's Your Side, Black. And The Enemie's Side, Red. The Enemy Has A Flagship, Or A Extra Powerful Ship, That Appears When Their Base Hits 10%, And Waves Of Eniemies That Come When Their Base Is At A Certain Percentage Depending On the Level. The Player Has Special Ablities That They Can Use. Apparently, There's Is A Little Rumor That Some Of The Actuall Ships That Appear From The Game, For Instance, The Nautillus Appears As A Full Portion Or Unit Layer. The Yamato, The Biggest And Most Powerful, The Dreadnaught, Some Boss Battle You'll Face

In Conclusion, I Deuce-X Do Not Know This Game, Unlike DigitalPh33rson, Who Knows It Completely, And I Know It's Very Personal To Me. I Do Not Know Black Navy War 2, But It's A Good Game In My Opinion. And It's A Little Challenging And Complex.

Additional Changes Made By 321905

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