Beat Is Knuckle Sister Scoff's Ultimate Form Of Power Although Average, Scoff Has The Ability To Kick With This Form.

When DigitalPh33rson First Met Scoff In StarwolfNotMugen's Birthday Special, She Was First A Female, Fearful, Half-Tomboy, Can Scream, Unlike Samus. In The Beta DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, Beat Was First Introduced In Beta Episode 1: "Lived Good Times 22 Twice." When DigitalPh33rson And Uxie, (Now Azelf.) First Went Into City 22, He And Uxie Went Into The Nightclub And Danced For A While, When Jake Ayasegawa Said: "Hey, Beat Wanted To See You!" And Gave DigitalPh33rson The Answer "Uh, Okay." Beat Jumped Down The 2nd Floor Of The Nightclub Holding 2 Cups Of Cranberry Juice On A Silver Plate, Beat Greeted Them To The 2nd Floor, Not Only To Talk, But To Play The 2 Arcade Video Games: Bleach: Dark Souls & Smash Bros Armeggedon. Was Later Released For The Home Version Somewhere Arround November 2010 Or 2011. Beat Also Appeared In Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing For All Consoles. He Also Appeared In Call Of Duty: Future Warefare 2. The Plot That Beat Plays In Future Warefare 2 Is That He Gets Attacked By The Black Ops Special Forces Army And Gets Saved By Derrick Sanderson & Leopold Slikk The Angry German Kid. He Then Is Available For Mission Via Beat's House In West Flavela.

Beat Has A Dude Voice, And Blocks About %55 Of Scoff's Voice, And Controlls 100% Of Beats Voice, Drinking A Beat Potion, Scoff Is Unstoppable, And Super Strong, Apart From Messiah's Straight Edge Form, Amaterasu, Has A Voice Difference, Instead Of The Time Palace Voice, Messiah Now Has A Stadium Voice, Just Like The Heresiarch From The Phazon Pete Series. A Rumored Fact That His Picture Will Be Posted On This Wiki Soon. Not Known What Abilities That Messiah's Straight Edge Form Has, But Only Possesses Fire.