Barry Burton, As Seen In Video Game Zombies

Barry Burton Is Yet Another Character Featured In A Script As Well In The Resident Evil Series. He Is A Friend Of Chris Redfield, As Well Being A Helper To Jill Valentine. Though He Doesn't Like Zombies That Much, But When He Gets A Perk Power-Up, His Character Ability Is: "Resist Mercy" Which Is A Helping Type Because He Increases His Charged Up Power And Health By 40% Of All Damage Costs. This Ability Is Also Helpful Against The Weredog Fight That Happened Ago. Still, He's Looking For Another Weredog, And Vows Revenge On It Against Rebecca's Incident.

Barry Burton Is A Helpful Person Besides Being A Zombie Hunter, He Helps DigitalPh33rson And Ryan Miller With His Additional Tasks. Despite His Superior Brains And Knowledge, Barry Burton Was Once Experted With A Sniper Rifle.

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