Banrai (儀式リリース Gishiki rirīsu) Is The True Form Of Bankai, With Phazon Pete's Doubts And Fears Left Behind, He Faces His Inner Fears That Was Once His Antibody And Started To Sacrifice Himself & Maya Fey To Despite Their Relations They Have Did In The Past, Proving Their Worth, Banrai Was Now In Effect For Phazon Pete, He Will Start His Banrai Training By Destroying Everying In The Tokita Outpass In His "Tank" Form, His Tank Banrai Is The Most At It's Deadliest Peak And It's Power Attributes.

The Banrai Is Also Used For Sky And Sea Travel For The Planets After Being Trans-Warped To Phazon Pete's Dream World. The Dream World Was Actually The Paradise To Leave Everything For Himself. And Therefore He's Happy For It. As The Hero, Phazon Pete Has Mastered Both Bankai And Banrai Respectively And Most At His True Potential For His Vanquished. He Was The Descendent Of His Parents, And Wants To Make Up With Them With A Confession.

Banrai Releases:

Tank Phazon Pete: Phazon Pete Turns Into A Tank Just Like Metal Kabuterimon From The Digimon Frontier, Their Re-Assemblence Looks Exactly The Same, With Both The Minalada Tensa And Singah Keldon, The Tank Is Just As Powerful As The Both Original Bankai Combined. The Attack Rate And Defense Rates Are Just As Powerful As A Tanka-Dillo. Base HP: 60,000 Attack Rate: 2700,0000 Defense Rate: 860,000 Overall Rating: 10/15 Terrain Use: Terracotta Land

TIE Raven: The TIE Advance X2 Changes Into A Stealth Bomber That Is Capable Of Going Up To +780,000 In Altitude, Despite Its Size, Its A Very Supersonic Flying Machine That Never Takes Damage, In Fact, The Stealth Bomber Release Is Actually Nearly Invisible And Can't Be Hit With A Single Blast Out Of The Sky, With A Base HP Of 900,500 And A Attack Rate Of Only 780,400 And Defenses Up To 790,000, It's Probably Only For Some Of The Best Skilled Flyers In The Universe, Despite It's Terrain Use, It Can Fly Up Into The Highest Peaks Of Any Planet Or Canyon With Ease.

Phazonmarine: The TIE Advance X2 Changes Into A Submarine That Is Capable For Only Underwater Use, Despite It's Worse Shape, It's Shaped Like A Sub Samwich That Most Sea Monsters Want To Eat, You're Going To Have To Defend Yourself With It's Built In Turbo HI-EX Torpedos For Most Of The Remainder, And You Keep On Running Out Of Torpedos For A Critical Time, Although Destroying Monsters Gives Boxes Of Torpedos To Keep On Defending Yourself With Them. It's Attack Rate, Defense Rate, Base HP, Are Relativeley Unknown By It's Time, And For It's Terrain Use It's Only Used Underwater In The Great Minalada Sea, And Also Can Stand In The Digestive Acid Of The Sando Aqua Monster Which You'll Have To Explore For The Half End Of The Mission.

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