Azula Is One Of The Newest Villians To The AGK Machinima, She Was First Discovered By The Pokecharms Trainer Card Maker, Back In 2008. Azula Used To Own A Drapion, A Rampardos, And A Yanmega. Or At Least That StarwolfNotMugen Thinks. Born As A Farm Girl In Montana, She Was Sad, Lonely, And Not That Fun To Play With. Her 2 New Friends, Braviary And Vanilish, Were The 2 Pokemon She Had As Starters. Her Parents Died When She Was Young. Azula Still Lives With The Evilest Man On The Planet, Ghetsis "The President." Who Is Going To Be In A Future Episode/Script. With Azula To Her Pokemon Duties, She Tag Teams Up With Mai "The Black Night Rider", Who Looks Like Her, But She Has Different Pokemon On What She Has.

Azula Only Had 2 On Her Party, And They Are Considered Easy To Defeat. The Braviary She Has Was Actually A Rufflet Before It Evolved To A Brivary. She Is Considered To Be Tough Once The Trainer Reaches The White House. Her Final Pokemon Team As Follows:

Braviary: LV. 51, Moves To Look Out For: Sky Attack

Scolipede: LV. 49, Moves To Look Out For: Poison Fang, Cross Poison.

Eelektross: LV. 50, Moves To Look Out For: Thunder Wave, Volt Switch.

Bouffalant: LV. 47, Moves To Look Out For: Head Charge, Afro Break.

Bisharp: LV. 53 Moves To Look Out For: Cressant Steel, Close Combat.

Vanilluxe: LV. 55 (MOST STRONGEST). Moves To Look Out For: Ice Beam, Frost Breath.

Normally A Pokemon Battle Against Azula Or (Mai) Would Actually Be A Job For Knuckle Sister Scoff Or Professor Juniper (Araragi), Or Biker Girl Hawkins. Usually The Trainer Only Faces Azula (Mai) With Pokemon No Weapons. So It Will Be Pokemon Trainer's Job To Defeat Azula (Mai) In A Battle Like This.

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