Ascension Is a Map From The Video Game: Call Of Duty: Black Op's First Strike Map Pack That Was Released In

Loading Screen For Ascension

Feburary Of 2011 For The Xbox 360,Later In March For The Playstation 3 And The PC, Despite The Fact This Map Is Based Off A Script On Yahoo Mail/Youtube, This Map Takes Place In A Abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome,Tank Dempsey,Nikolai Belinski,Takeo Masaki,And Edward Richtofen Are Back, The Game Starts Off In Black And White Color, And You Have To Turn On The Power To Get The Color Back, Theres New Features In This Map,Theres Space Monkeys,Matryoshka Dolls,And The Gersch Device.

In Ascension, The Perk Machines Will Be Destroyed If You Use Them 4 Times, Until Then, You're Pretty Much Defenseless Without The Perk Machine. According To, This Map Is Said To Believe To Be One Of The Toughest Maps In The Entire Games Instead Of Playing The Regular Game (Campaign).

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