Armbar Technique - MCMAP
Warning: This Move Will Make You Pass Out, And I Really' Mean It!!

An Armlock In Grappling Is A Single Or Double Joint Lock That Hyperextends, Hyperflexes, Or Hyperrotates The Elbow Joint And Shoulder Joint. An armlock that hyperflexes or hyperrotates the shoulder joint is referred to as a shoulder lock, and an armlock that hyperextends the elbow joint is called an armbar. Depending on the joint flexibility and integrity of a person, armlocks that hyperrotate the shoulder joint can also hyperrotate the elbow joint, and vice versa.

In The DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Machinima Series, Chuck Liddell Made Scoff Pass Out With This Move, Also It Drained Her Vitality By %50. Lyoto Machida Did This On Several Other People Including Scoff. She Was Scared Shitless Of This Move, And Then Passed Out In The Los Angeles Hospital Near A Chinese Theater.

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