Aral sea 1973 landsat

The Aral Sea, as seen in a illistration, Rebirth Island is in the picture

Aral Sea Is A Basin-Like Land Structure In Central Asia, Since It's Rebirth, It Has Been The Heart Of Asia Ever Since It's Birth Year. The Machinima Armies Including The Rival Ones Were Trying To Take Over This Giant Mass Of Land With Their Power & Strength. But They Retreated Because It's Source Plus Limited Supplies Made It A Long War. And They Had To Call It Quits (For Now).

In The Machinima DigitalPh33rson And Sylux Researched This Large Basin Landmark To It's Limit Plus The Ammount Of Water Mass Inside Of The Sea Itself. Now, The Red Ribbon Army (AKA The Radical Rocket Company) Takes Control And Builded About 150 Oil Pumping Refineries To Pump The Oil Out Of It's Rich, Valuable, And Darkened Seas. It's Probably Because They Are Doing It For Money.

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